1.- Although it seems obvious, writing a simple share horse contract will avoid many future problems. It is also important to sign the date, place of subscription of the document, and fill in all the data of both parties in the contract and the shared horse

2.- Indicate who is responsible for all farrier, veterinary and livery costs

3.- The share contract period. We recommend that a term shall be established in months with the possibility of continue until terminated by either party

4.- The stables where the horse is going to be kept and the prohibition to move it without authorization of the owner

5.- The use for which the horse is allocated and the duties of the sharer-rider who receives the horse

6.- The authorization to the sharer to attend equestrian competitions with the horse

7.- The sharer won’t allow any other person to ride the horse without the owner’s prior permission

8.- A veterinarian clinic shall be designated just in case of horse emergency.

9.- If the sharer is required to subscribe a rider insurance cover for all activities with the horse

10.- To settle a base in case the horse is sold, so the share contract can be cancelled in advance and the sharer may have a right to receive any commission


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